Mar 7, 2010

Getting The Hipster Look - The Four Basics

I'm a fan of the hipster look and getting it together is really easy. Here's the essentials any wannabe hipster chick will need in her wardrobe ..

Getting the Hipster Look

1. Skinnies ... worn out skinny jeans in any colour so long as they're tight enough to stop you breathing. Black is best because black matches with eveything.
2. Old worn out converse ... if yours are clean and new go out there and dig some dirt with your feet. Your converse can NEVER look new!
3. A Keffiyeh or the Palestinian scarf . Wear it ike a napkin or a bib and you’re good to go.
4. The simple tee ... not you're I'm with stupid type. Something ironic or retro and yes, tight fitting!

Once you've got the basics together, add tight fitting hoodies, some cool accessories like multi-coloured belts with crazy buckles and of course, a pair of ray-bans or something equally hip!

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