Aug 28, 2010

I looked and then right out of nowhere, there it was ...

I got time to do an outfit today. It's simple and really nothing special but I had fun with it. Can anybody make jeggings look good?? The jumper is my sisters and a bit baggy on me. Tighter would have been good. Oh and the scarf is hers too! I got my dog in a few photos. He's no pug (I dream of having my own little pug) but he's still cute (when you know him :p). Hope you like.

And this is Harvey. He's so big you can ride on his back but he's really lazy so he'll never take you anywhere.

Aug 27, 2010

Photo of the week : Week 2

Photo of the week time. I've cheated a bit and posted two photos. I had to climb up a really high hill to get to a tiny little ancient church and graveyard for these photos. It was a more than a bit creepy. I like to get interesting places to take photos but in the countryside in Ireland, that's hard. It's a field, or a field or a field. So here's me in my POTW with, yeah, a field in the background :)

Aug 26, 2010

Dare to wear challenge

Alicia at funny face beauty had the great idea of doing a dare to wear challenge. People are asked to do a look from pictures posted on her blog. Sounds like fun.  This is the Derek Lam 2010 Spring fashion show photo to be inspired by

and here's my attempt. I've listed the products I used too :) (some borrowed from my sister!)

And here's a list of the products I used to get the look

Urban Decay complexion primer

Dior Skinflash concealer

Urban Decay surreal skin mineral makeup

Benefit Powerderazzi famous face powders

Smashbox audition taupe (for eyebrows)

Urban Decay eyeshadow primer

Dior petal shine iridescent eyeshadow

17 metallic eyepencil green

No 7 eden stay perfect eyeshadows

Avon naturals eyeshadow

Urban Decay quicky blush

Benefit glitz & glam gloss

Maybelline the falsies volume express mascara

Aug 25, 2010

Auto Draft

€20 Style Challenge : Week 2

Time for my second €20 style challenge. I love doing the budget style challenge but it can be hard too, seeing something really nice for just above €20 and having to pass it by is HARD! So for this week's challenge I was lucky because my local Penny's (aka Primark!) has just been refurbished and restocked with some gorgeous items and so cheap too. I sort of got carried away with accessories but did manage to get a pair of cute brogues too for just €9. The pretty nude colour tights were on special at €1 (you have to love Penny's) and the scarf was €5. I got two pairs of lace ankle socks in nude and dusty pink for €2 each. These aren't in the photo but I'm sure they'll appear on the blog sometime soon and also a pretty flower pin come hair clip, which was too much on the outfit with the scarf but was only €1.

The shoes and scarf were perfect for a little cream cotton dress I had, that is very boring on it's own. I plaited my hair across the front and grabbed the back and clipped it loosely ... a great trick for making your hair look full, especially when it's fairly short like mine. Soooo, let me know what you think :)

Aug 23, 2010

Playsuit Outfit

Decided to do an outfit today because I was sooooo bored.  I've only worn my playsuit about 3 times which is a bit weird because I LOVE playsuits.   I blame the crappy Irish weather.

The playsuit is a bit fancy pants. I love the gold belt on it which matched a cute little body warmer I got in Jimmy'Z in New York.  Then I added my favourite worker boots from River Island. Add a few accessories,  my wooden bangle from Penny's and some BIG ear-rings, there you have it ... my cute little outfit for today :)

Borrowed my sister's sunglasses ...

Aug 21, 2010

LoraDoesMakeup Giveaway

I love competitions! But I never win anything.  Hope I'm not too late for this one because the giveaway prizes are really great.  Lora at loradoesmakeup.blogspot.com has made a great selection. The Girls Aloud festival lashes  look great. There's some Mac and Benefit in there too.  I've got my fingers crossed for being lucky this time.  And if I win, watch out for lots of great posts showing off my all goodies.  Excited :)

Check out all the prizes and the competition here but hurry because it ends on August 24th

Aug 20, 2010

My Buy - Black Worker Boots

I saw these black worker boots on Boohoo.com weeks ago and wanted them so bad. But the price at €45 nearly made me cry. Don't worry there's a happy ending. A few days later while browsing one day I came across lookalikes in Pennys (Primark for English readers!) for €12. Of course, I splashed out and bought them and here's a pic so you can see just how lookalike they are. Almost identical! The Boohoo.com boots look like they might be more suede than leather but at €32 cheaper I really don't mind. This was one happy buy :)

Peach Mini Experiment

This mini ribbed band skirt is another little bargain I picked up for €6 in a a shop in Dublin's Ilac centre. A few days later I saw it for €19 in New Look . Yay for me :) It really does pay to shop around.

There's a million ways this skirt could be worn but I wanted to dress it down a bit so I threw a long t-shirt I had bought in River Island over it, wore dark grey tights and a pair of grey boots from Penny's.  Maybe the t-shirt is a bit too long. It does cover most of the skirt but I think it works and I like the look.

Photo of the week : Week 1

I got this cute little puppy hat from a market stall in Cow's Lane, Temple Bar in Dublin last Christmas. It's really cute but I never got a chance to wear it much ... maybe this winter!