Aug 18, 2010

€20 Style Challenge : Week One

Every week (funds allowing) I'll be on the lookout for cheap clothes and accessories (under €20)  to make a great look. I'll be rummaging through the sale rack and bargain bins to prove that you can have an amazing look even in cheapie stuff  (it wasn't always on the sale rack remember!)

To kick off week one,  I spent an hour looking around Navan.  River Island had taken their sale rack away ( I could have cried!) so I had about three shops to work with,  New Look, A-Wear and Penny's.   I found a skirt I had bought in Dublin for €6 in New Look for €19 but I'll post about that later :)

Penny's had glasses on sale for  €1. Could I resist? I picked up a pair of black sunglasses and a clear glass pair that are kinda chicken little-ish but still look cool! Then into New Look where I found a gorgeous chunky silver ring with a giant black plastic flower .. half price at €4  This looks great with the black nail varnish I'm wearing for now.  Finally, after looking EVERYWHERE (3 shops remember!) and almost giving up on finding something for my left over €14,  I found a white sweatshirt in a small woman's boutique (I didn't get the name) with WHY? printed on the front.  Why what? Idon't know ...  but it looks good on.  It's simple so will work with black skinnies, short black skirt or legging and converse.

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