Aug 20, 2010

My Buy - Black Worker Boots

I saw these black worker boots on Boohoo.com weeks ago and wanted them so bad. But the price at €45 nearly made me cry. Don't worry there's a happy ending. A few days later while browsing one day I came across lookalikes in Pennys (Primark for English readers!) for €12. Of course, I splashed out and bought them and here's a pic so you can see just how lookalike they are. Almost identical! The Boohoo.com boots look like they might be more suede than leather but at €32 cheaper I really don't mind. This was one happy buy :)


  1. Thanks for following me! I'll follow you back.

    The boots are a steal, by the way. Nice layout you have going on here.

  2. Thank you. I love your drawings :)

  3. Those boots are awesome :)
    I hope primark have them!

  4. @jaymie I got them about a month ago but don't worry they from what I saw here ... http://rosedl.blogspot.com/2010/08/primark-obsession.html .. they have other really lovely shoes and boots in.

    Thanks for the follow too :)

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