Aug 23, 2010

Playsuit Outfit

Decided to do an outfit today because I was sooooo bored.  I've only worn my playsuit about 3 times which is a bit weird because I LOVE playsuits.   I blame the crappy Irish weather.

The playsuit is a bit fancy pants. I love the gold belt on it which matched a cute little body warmer I got in Jimmy'Z in New York.  Then I added my favourite worker boots from River Island. Add a few accessories,  my wooden bangle from Penny's and some BIG ear-rings, there you have it ... my cute little outfit for today :)

Borrowed my sister's sunglasses ...


  1. Your playsuit is so cute! And those boots are pretty cool too!!


  2. Cute! Bummer that the weather wont let you wear them more often! :/ Love the sunglasses, great addition to the outfit! :)

  3. i cant believe you're 15! you have great style, i was wearing awful stuff when i was 15! you look much older and very pretty in your profile shot too x

  4. Thanks Savannah. The sun came out today and I still didn't wear my playsuit. I don't understand me :P

  5. I LOVE my boots and winter is on the way so I'll get to wear them a lot. You have gorgeous stuff in your Etsy store. I love it :)