Aug 19, 2010

My Ebay lashes arrived!

I ordered false eyelashes on Ebay last week after seeing 10 pairs for something like €2.50 and they have finally arrived. So I thought I'd give them a test to see how good (or bad!) they are.    I've paid as much as a tenner for a couple of pairs  in Boots.  I wasn't sure what the quality of the ebay lashes would be like but they seem no different to those I've bought offline.  Only thing is, it looks like there's not that much glue for 10 pairs! I use A LOT of glue!  And don't expect a fancy box if you're buying off ebay.  The 20 pairs of eyelash came in an ugly crumpled box!

Here they are ... with my Maybelline eyestudio smoky glam quad.

And after a couple of glue applications, a few mess ups and lots of patience I finally got them to stick properly. I put mascara on my own lashes to help them bind to the fake lashes and here's what they look like ...  they're not really really long but still give a really good dramatic look.

EDIT : I've just noticed Kirsten Stewart in the back of the photo looking kinda creepy!


  1. I bought these!
    mine haven't arrived yet, can't wait to try them. definitely will start wearing them more again for the sheer amount of lashes i will be getting haha, they look exactly like the sarah lashes by eyelure!

  2. ooh and also i would just buy a new glue because the glue makes the lashes if you know what i mean its only like a fiver for eyelure glue biggish bottle and thats the best one i think.
    now following!